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The Global Timber & Lumber Community

TIMBERWeb is the world's leading timber 'eMarket' and networking environment dedicated solely to meeting the needs of buyers and sellers of timber and lumber over the Internet.

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Buying and Selling Timber Online

eTrader, offers a secure business environment for the buying and selling of timber online:

Promote your Business

  • TIMBERWeb is a unique opportunity to promote your company and its products to existing buyers and thousands of potential new buyers worldwide.
  • The eMarket enables you to advertise your company's full business details including email addresses, maps, company news, stock lists, requirements lists, banner and classified advertisements and your website.
  • Our message boards, web conferences and market reviews keep members informed while helping them develop new contacts.

Direct Customer Targeting for Logistics and General & Financial Services Members

  • Ensure your banner company information is presented exactly to your target audience using TIMBERWeb's community profiling.
Find Global Contacts

  • The world's largest Timber Database of well over 90,000 businesses is available online to members of TIMBERWeb.
  • Our database supports searches on company names, countries and particular industry sectors.

Read the latest global Timber and general News

  • This is supplemented by targeted industry-led news published daily by our in-house News Team.
  • A host of strategic media partnerships have been established adding further depth to our global coverage.

Calculate Timber Prices

  • The TIMBERWeb® Price Estimator, which is unique to TIMBERWeb enables you to calculate across measurement systems (metric/imperial or vice versa)and 2 currencies to produce a given profit margin on a selling price in the currency of delivery. Currency Rates and Indices are supplied by several key stock markets specifically chosen for their strategic value to timber traders.
Access Valuable Trading Data

  • Our statistics provided by the United Nations contain import, export and product details for timber in every country of the world.
  • Read and take part in interactive research.

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